“Alison is the Great Niece of Lance Corporal James Moffatt, 2 RMF, one of the Iron 12 soldiers. Like many of us, she was among the first of the soldiers descendants to discover the truth of what happened to the Iron 12. Both her Grandfather William and her Great Uncle James were together not only in the Battle of Mons, but also the Battle of Etreux in 1914. William survived and became a prisoner of war in Germany until 1918 and James, of course, was executed along with his fellow soldiers in February 1915.
The article below was written by Alison for the journal Moffatalia produced for Clan Moffat of which she is a  currently Acting Chair of Clan Moffat. Alison explains her own journey from the start of searching for her Moffat ancestors, through to the discovery of James and the Iron 12, her trip to France in  November 2018 to attend the Remembrance Service in Etreux  with Hedley Malloch and to meet the French families who hid the soldiers.”